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Graceful Woman Warrior Book LaunchGraceful Woman Warrior

If you or someone you know might find use for a book on dying by someone so committed they actually did it, and kept learning and thinking and giving to others right to her last minute, visit, or its Facebook page, and Laurie will tell you how to get a copy.  Or just visit, where it’s available in paperback and Kindle.  Below is a separate page full of photos of the incredible book launch Laurie organized and pulled off.  Call her the next time you need a country invaded.



Date: December 5, 2018 - 4 years to the day Terri transitioned.

Place: Country Club of New Bedford - same venue we held her hugely successful fundraiser in 2012.

Team Terri

Members of Team Terri: Brad, Lissle, Katie (short in front), Amy, Jeff, Kerri, John (in back), Maureen, Scott.

Rubbicco Sisters

Rubbicco sisters: Mary, Laurie, Dori

Carol Marisa Audra

Carol (secretary at Marisa's school, Marisa, Audra (Vice-Principal at her school).

In Loving Memory

Marisa Laurie

Marisa and Auntie Laurie


Marisa reading her Epilogue.

Rubbicco Family

Rubbicco Family
Back Row: Jamie, Jody, Tommy, Mark, Andrew, Dori, Ian, Jimmy
Centre: Marisa, Laurie, Mary
Bottom: Jessie, our Matriarch-Nana/Dot, Don

Book cover

Team Terri T-shirt

Marisa friends

Marisa with all her BFFs.

Band singing

"Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow" for Nana
Ian, Don, Mary, Laurie, Dori

Heron Laurie Nana Marisa

Heron/Papai, Auntie Laurie, Nana/Dot, Marisa

Heron Nana Marisa

Papai/Heron, Nana/Dot, Marisa

Heron Marisa Laurie

Papai, Marisa, Auntie Laurie

Rubbicco Women

Rubbicco Women: Laurie, Dori, Mary, Mom


Laurie Dot

Marisa Laurie