Join me in a dance among the stars!

Stardance Experience Movie


I'd like your help in making a thirty-year dream of dance in zero gravity come true.

If you've read THE STARDANCE TRILOGY that Spider and I wrote, or the Hugo and Nebula Award winning novella that began them, then the concept of free fall dance is one you've already encountered. The idea even attracted the attention of NASA--and I nearly got to be the first to actually dance in space.

I've been dancing and teaching dance all my life. I was founder and artistic director of Nova Dance Theatre, a professional contemporary dance company, in Halifax, Nova Scotia from 1980-87, and choreographed over 30 original works for performance. When NASA became aware of "Stardance," and my dance background that led to it, I was shortlisted for a seat on the Space Shuttle, as part of NASA's Civilian In Space Program. I was to be the first zero gravity dancer.

But, the program was cancelled when the first civilian chosen for the program was killed in the Challenger Tragedy. Now, twenty years later, I'm being given a second chance to choreograph dance in space...on film.

Stardance: the film

Recent progress in computer generated graphics has, at last, made it feasible for me to pursue on film my visions of choreography unhindered by gravity. So I've written a script, and I'm now in the early stages of producing "Stardance," a short film that will finally bring dance together with the majesty and grandeur of outer space.

The Production Team

I've assembled a very powerful core production team. Director/co-producer/co-writer Michael Lennick and his associate Michel Plaxton created the groundbreaking 13-part documentary series ROCKET SCIENCE for Discovery Channel. Michael's technical background includes designing the visual effects for such projects as David Cronenberg's Videodrome and the TV series War of the Worlds. Also on the team are Hugo-winning visual effects designer Ron Miller who has inherited Chesley Bonestell's mantle as the greatest living painter of space themes, and veteran graphics designer/writer, sage and muse Jack Senett. Line producer Lynn Fuhr brings her wealth of production experience to the team. Latest to come on board is acclaimed TV and film score composer James Raymond, son of David Crosby who has toured often with Crosby, Stills and Nash.



The Underlying Philosophy

Although over 99% of the universe is a zero-gravity environment, our species seems to have a neurotic dependence on the surface of large planets. We're stuck in the mud. A dance to free our bodies from the pull of gravity, to celebrate life off the planets, may free us to accept and appreciate the unearthly beauty, meditative stillness, and physical comfort that can be found in space.

The Stardance film proposes that there is more to space travel than orbital mechanics, payloads and turbopumps. There is also zero-gravity art. It can be a powerful key to spiritual transcendence, and the kind of accelerated human evolution Spider and I have talked about at length in our novels.

Neural Net

Opening Night at Robert A. Heinlein's Centennial

Robert A. Heinlein, the Grand master of science fiction, was always a fierce champion of future arts, and especially the arts in space. In his novel, THE CAT WHO WALKS THROUGH WALLS, there's a "low-gee" ballerina with the same unusual name as our daughter.

Spider's new collaboration with Robert, VARIABLE STAR, a story of star travel based on an outline he created in 1955, will be part of the celebrations for Robert's Centennial in Kansas City, Missouri on July 7, 2007. I’ll be bringing a PowerPoint presentation on the progress of the Stardance Project. (See second update below for details.)



Join The Stardance Project

If you're interested in advancing the idea of dance and the arts in space, we'd like your help in making this film possible.

A private patron, John Barnstead, Professor of Russian Studies at Dalhousie University, provided the seed money that let me assemble my team of specialists, and now we need to take it to the next level.

We urgently need donations to help us achieve orbit. None of us is going to get rich from this--it's a labour of love--but the reality is that we have to raise six figures to cover production costs, so please give generously.

All donors will be placed on a Roster Of Honorary Stardancers on this page, and you'll get screen credit, as well. Spider and I will be contacting each of you personally to thank you, and generations of future zero gee dancers will be thanking you as well for being amongst the very earliest patrons of this new art form. Your support means the world to us--and more!

Time is important. The project is moving along rapidly and that kind of momentum mustn't be lost. I don't want to miss the chance to dance in space again.

If you'd like to become involved in furthering The Stardance Project, make a donation today: online, by credit card, through PayPal, or by cheque.

Let's dance among the stars together.

Thank you,
Jeanne Robinson

You can make donations through PayPal
or by credit card:

Or simply mail a cheque in any currency (made out to "THE STARDANCE PROJECT") to:

The Stardance Project
RR#1, Site I-42
Bowen Island, BC V0N 1G0

Looking Out

The Images:
Art Direction - Jeanne Robinson
Photography - Greg McKinnon
Image Creation - Ron Miller
Stardancer - Kathleen McDonagh
Costume design - Ines Ortner

Roster of Supporters:

Founding Angel:
John Barnstead

Dakini Angel (awesome contributor):
Karen Bennett

Honorary Starseeders (substantial contributors):
David and Jan D. Crosby
Gale Mead
Dr. Amy Baxter
Dr. Louis Calderon

Honorary Stardancers:
Mary Grace Prior
Scott M. Prior
John M. Herrmann
Noël Lynne Figart
Tamara Temple
Brendan K. Callahan
Josh More
Paula Berman
Jens Stark
Daniel Finger
Victoria L. Fraser
Patricia Kight
Joe Haldeman
Andy May
Virginia A. O'Dine
Jim Caughran
Jan Schroeder
Robert J. Sawyer
John & Cindy Ladd
Katrina & Danny Cooper
Jeremy Faircloth
Lynda Williams
Michelle Roebuck
Steve Barclay
Carol A. Grey-Ricci
Richard Jones
Elliot Lebediker
Kimberly Ward
Colin Campbell
Richard Parisi
Ryan Grigor
Michelle Meyrink
John Dumbrille
Tia Marion Thomas
Steve Fahnestalk
Cel Russell
Mike Galos
Laura Rey
Hunter Payne
Susan Elbe
Michael Hartmann
Jo McBride
Chris E. Okray
Lola McCrary
Barbara Wilkinson
Henry Troup
Ledger Heavilon
Chris Bridges
Paul Raulerson
Kimberely Altomere

Peter Glaskowsky
Susan Lewis
Chris Bridges
Dennis Hamilton
Denis Eve
Jennifer McPhee
Lenora Lundquist
Alice Radechovsky
Kathleen L McConnell
Linda Carol Adrienne
Melissa Gold
Dana McLeod-Lane
Maya Amis
River Curtis-Stanley
Robert Smith
Mary-Claire Flynn
Stephen Cox Thomas
Alison Mary Thomas
Sybil Jones
Katherine R. Kiger
Kathryn Price NicDhàna
Scott Brown
Katherine Cook
Solomon Davidoff
Carol Fancy
Martine Juron
David Hemsath
Cathey Polly
Bruce Beaulac
Heidi Denessen
Rob Bailey
Michael D. Sheffield
Sharon K. Sheffield
Matthew Amsel
Marguerite Lopes
Lynne Fahnestalk
Wes Magee
Dave Kauffman
Beth Lawson
Maxfield Paye
Symone Ma
Joel West
Joshua Marin
David Smith
Andrew Gilbert
Sarah Cranston
Floyd Masukawa
Ryan & Gretchen Bedell
Mark Odo
Kathleen McDonagh
David Lewis

Hillevi Wyman
Colin MacDonald
Andrea MacDonald
Merrick Shawe
David Lews
Debra Lentz
Erik Foxvog
Gini Courter
Marie Guthrie
Anya Coveney-Hughes
Mike Giberson
Roberta Jones
Lola McCrary
Anna Steven
Carol Morris
Joshua O'Madadhain
Jeff Pizanti
Hal Pfingsten
Amy Carpenter
Bethany Hanson
Diana L. Powell
Barry J. Estes
Ramona Kistler
Jeremy Bort
Peter P. Smith
Howard Berkowitz
Steph Herman
Elizabeth Vienna
Dan Henderson
Lee Austin
Stephen Nelson
Debra Houdek Rule
George E. Rule
Dr. Charles Daniels
Mark Leiren-Young
Thomas Morgan
Ainslie Cyopik
Michael B. Ellison
Addy Payne
Robin Payne
Wayne Schlapkohl
Cathey Polly
Heather Sherman
Robin Pardey
Steven Radecki
Sean McPherson
Chuck Currie
Laurel Ladd
Alan Brain
Sky de Jersey

Free fall crouch

By Jeanne Robinson
January 1, 2007

With the arrival of a new year, it’s time to update you on the Stardance Project.

A premiere at the Heinlein Centennial is no longer an option. We are currently re-evaluating how to achieve the dream of a realistic depiction of zero-gravity dance using the latest digital and artistic tools. Although we are on the cusp of a new era of space tourism, it's still hard to convince the space business community of the need for art to sustain their business model. We have been in discussion with the Heinlein Trust as well as others, but we still haven't found a major funding partner to help us make the vision of the Stardance a reality.

The good news is that thanks to the people who share our vision and have contributed to the Stardance Project, we will be putting together a short proof of concept demo this spring which will hopefully give us something concrete to proudly show when someone asks us what we are all about. If the stars and the muses align, we hope to show our concept demo at the Heinlein Centennial.

In the meantime we are deeply grateful for your support and faith in us. We are working daily trying to make this vision of ours a reality. It's all there in our hearts and minds. All we need to do is find the financing needed to capture it on film. Know anyone with half a million dollars and good taste? That’s what it will cost—minimum. CGI is expensive…and required in every frame.

In the coming months we will regularly update you on our ongoing fundraising and production adventures, so please stay tuned. Naturally, we welcome your feedback.

Without the generous support of all of the Honorary Stardancers listed above, we would not have made it this far. With the help of future contributors who also share our dream, we will bring this unique vision to the world.

My heartfelt thanks to you all. May we all continue to imagine and co-create our visions of a world we know to be possible.

Here's to Stardancing in 2007!

By Jeanne Robinson
June 22, 2007

Kansas City here we come!

In a matter of days Spider and I will be on our way to Kansas City to join in a celebration of Robert A. Heinlein's life and work at his Centennial. <>  

I've been invited to make a presentation about the Stardance Project during the Gala event on 7/7/07, Robert's 100 th birthday.   I've been creating a PowerPoint presentation with the help of a talented friend, Steph Herman, which I'll use to accompany my progress report. It will incorporate new images by the great space artist Ron Miller, and original music by composer James Raymond (keyboardist for CSN&Y).   After I get home from Kansas City I'll post the whole 2-minute presentation including the new images and music here on the site.

My strong ongoing thanks to all Honorary Stardancers whose contributions to date have taken us this far; your support is appreciated more than I can say.   May we all continue to imagine and co-create our visions of a world we know to be possible.


By Jeanne Robinson with PowerPoint by Steph Herman

Here is the speech I gave at Robert’s Hundredth Birthday Party in Kansas City, Missouri on 7/7/07. It got me, and our Stardancer, Kathleen McDonagh, a once-in-a-lifetime trip to go weightless on a Zero Gravity Corporation parabolic flight, compliments of company Founder and CEO, Dr. Peter Diamandis. I’ll keep you up to date on our zero-gee flight plans as they unfold.

Read the Speech


Jeanne Robinson and her co-producer James Sposto have launched a new website to promote the Stardance project as a large-format IMAX feature film.
Stardance Experience Movie


Jeanne has started a blog to record her impressions and experiences in microgravity this weekend during her December 30th flight with Zero-Gravity Corporation. Read her up-to-the minute entries at

Jeanne Robinson