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Black and whites from the past

Spider's chin

Spider's forehead

Some extremely rarely-seen portions of Spider's head: his chin...

...and his forehead. Period for both is very approximately 1978.

Spider and Jeanne in NYC

Spider and Jeanne in New York by the East River, at about 88th Street, in 1975; photo © 1975 by Robert Pace.

Spider and Jeanne in Smuggler's Den

Spider and Jeanne on their first-ever professional gig together as musicians, playing a joint called The Smuggler's Den in North Dartmouth, Massachusetts, in something like 1975 or '76.

Charles and Evelyn Robinson

Baby Spider

Spider's parents, Charles Vincent Robinson and Evelyn Meade Robinson.

The oldest known photo of Spider, with his mom at Mosholu Park in the Bronx, ca. 1950.