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Spider writing

Web Writings

While Spider spends most of his effort working on his latest novel, he sometimes finds the time to provide us with some exlusive content found only here on his website.

The Brains of a Spider

Spider will produce these discharges at intervals as irregular as he is, whenever his medication wears off.  He does actually believe several of the things he says, but some are purest mahooha, and he is utterly disinterested in discussing which ones.  Each installment is absolutely guaranteed to contain enough pixels to produce a recognizable picture of him doing something that will astonish you, if you are a fan of nano-puzzle-solving.  He likes having his work studied that closely.

Spider on the Web

Spider has entered into the world of podcasting! After the success of his audiobook recordings for Blackstone Audio, Spider has decided to record a weekly podcast, giving his fans the chance to hear his words directly from his own lips. The podcast series will begin with readings of eight Thrillin' at the MacMillan essays written for the HR MacMillan Space Centre (transcripts included).

Spider's Online Diary

Much more detailed, and much less frequent than a blog, every few months Spider writes a Diary entry to let us know what's on his mind. Great performances he has seen, great albums he has discovered, exciting events and personal recollections are all grist for the Onilne Diary.

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Music that just fries me

"In the last year or two I have made so many really thrilling musical discoveries, I'm about to explode.   There are some people out there who are just so f***ing good that it causes me physical pain to think that you might not have been hipped to them yet--for both your sake and theirs.   There is so much junk music around these days, you need to hear about the good stuff, and it needs you to hear about it." -- Spider

October 2006 installment

Free Hugo Award-winning Fiction

Copyright is a hot-button topic these days. Does information want to be free…or just reasonably priced? I discussed copyright at some length 25 years ago—a year before the first TCP/IP wide area network in the world went operational—two years before the first Macintosh went on sale!—in the following story. It won the 1983 Hugo Award for Best Short Story, and I hope you’ll still find it illuminating today.

Melancholy Elephants  Part 1    Part 2    Part 3


Spider's also been known to work as gun-for-hire, so any articles or op-ed pieces that get published will be collected in this miscellania file.