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Spider Robinson's Bio

Jeanne Robinson's Bio

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Positions Held

Pat O'Leary's Essay "The Importance of Being Spider"

Media Interviews



Callahan's Con sample chapter



Web Writings

Spider on the Web

Spider's Online Diary 2007

8/30/07 -- Blues from the Forbidden Plateau

8/29/07 -- What Are The Facts?

7/7/07 -- The Number of the Feast

Spider's Online Diary 2006

30 December, 2006 --Witch, Witch, the Wicked Dingdong is Dead

9 November, 2006 – The Crazy Years Take Flight

4 October, 2006--Stick With Me, Baby—I’ll Bring You All The Way To Mordor...

5 August, 2006--Over To Us

13 July, 2006--The Best Music Festival I Know

29 June, 2006--RIP Jim Baen

26 June, 2006--The Coolest Party Ever

8 May, 2006--The Second Woman in my Life...

15 April, 2006--GOOD DOOG, Or, Close Enough for Folk Music

Spider's Online Diary 2005

26 November, 2005--Tell Them While You Still Can

4 October, 2005--Paul Pena Remembered

8 September, 2005--Carry On, Singing

28 August, 2005--How to make Microsoft Word STOP rewriting your copy

15 August, 2005--Gap Skips a Generation

15 July, 2005--So THAT's why they call it 'Federal'…

29 June, 2005--Master of Hunter

25 April, 2005--Him and That Guitar

28 February, 2005--RIP: Jef Raskin--the REAL Mac daddy

30 January, 2005--Nailed by the Croz

Spider's Online Diary 2004

1 December, 2004--Here Today, Gaughan Tomorrow

11 August, 2004--Enough of that good news crap

24 July, 2004--Life Keeps Getting Better...

12 April, 2004--I Hope Reilly’s Okay

Spider's Online Diary 2003

17 November, 2003--Shout, Sister, Shout!

30 August, 2003--Toastmaster Speech

6 July, 2003--Driving Miss Jeanne

19 January, 2003--Ginny

Spider's Online Diary 2002

7 November, 2002--Rocket Science -- really!

25 October, 2002--A Four of Sevens

Spider's Online Diary 2001

1 December, 2001--Amsterdammed if we do? Sounds good to me...

27 February, 2001--Serendipity-Do: A memoir of spousal collaboration

Spider's Online Diary 2000

7 December, 2000--Belaboring the Obvious

15 June, 2000--Reflections of a recovering nicotinic

The Crazy Years Columns

Music that just fries me

October 2006


Reviews and Feedback

Variable Star

The Crazy Years

Very Bad Deaths

Callahan's Con

The Free Lunch

By Any Other Name

Callahan's Key



Callahan's Crosstime Saloon

Reader Feedback

Variable Star

Tell Spider

David Crosby

Richard Powell

Lawrence Block

Theresa Huyzers

Dan Dugery

Lou Rose

Assorted Letters 1

Assorted Letters 2

You just can't kill for Jesus/Allah/Jahweh/Rama/Elvis...



Publicity Photos

Vancouver Public Library 2004 reading

Necrocomicon 2004 / Florida vacation

WorldCon, Toronto 2003

Deep Cove 2002 reading

Amsterdam 2001

Panels and conventions from years-gone-by

Jeanne dancing

Black and whites from the past

Graphics from the Callahan's Crosstime Saloon computer game

Alternate cover sketches for Callahan's Key