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Books, By Ficton

a Spider Robinson checklist
(North America; as of November 2006)

Callahan's Place books:

• CALLAHAN'S CROSSTIME SALOON [Ace paperback 1977, Tor Jan 2000]



(all 3 above books collected in the omnibus:)
• THE CALLAHAN CHRONICALS [Tor hc/trade pb Sept 97]

(which previously appeared as:)
• CALLAHAN AND COMPANY [Phantasia Press hc 90]
out of print*

• OFF THE WALL AT CALLAHAN'S [TOR trade pb Feb 94]

Lady Sally's House books:

• CALLAHAN'S LADY [Ace hardcover 89/pb 90]

• LADY SLINGS THE BOOZE [Ace hc 92/pb 93]

• KILL THE EDITOR (first half of LSTB, above) [Axolotl hc/pb 91] o.o.p.

Mary's Place books:

• THE CALLAHAN TOUCH [Ace hc 93, pb Dec 94]

• CALLAHAN'S LEGACY [Tor hc Oct 96, pb Sept 97]

• CALLAHAN'S KEY [Bantam hc July 00, pb June 01]

• CALLAHAN'S CON [Tor hc July 03, pb 04)

Stardance books:

• STARDANCE [with Jeanne Robinson, Baen pb 92; Easton leatherbound 1992]

• STARSEED [w. Jeanne Robinson; Ace hc/pb 91/92; Easton lb 1992]

• STARMIND [w. Jeanne Robinson; Ace hc June 95, pb Feb 96; Easton lb 95; Baen May 01]

• THE STAR DANCERS (STARDANCE and STARSEED in one volume) [w. Jeanne Robinson; Baen pb Sept 97]

• THE STARDANCE TRILOGY [w. Jeanne Robinson; Baen hc Se 06] (an omnibus of all 3 books)

Deathkiller books:

• LIFEHOUSE [Baen/Easton lb Apr 97] (sequel to DEATHKILLER, below)

• DEATHKILLER [Baen May 96] (compilation of TIME PRESSURE and MINDKILLER, below)

• TIME PRESSURE [Ace hc/pb 87/88] (prequel to MINDKILLER, below)

• MINDKILLER [Holt hc 82; Berkley pb 83]

Very books:

• VERY BAD DEATHS [Baen hc 04/pb Se 06]

• VERY HARD CHOICES [Baen, in progress]

Other books:

• VARIABLE STAR [w. Robert A. Heinlein; Tor hc Se 06/pb Se 07]

• GOD IS AN IRON AND OTHER STORIES (collection) [Five Star/Tekno trade pb May 02]

• THE FREE LUNCH [Tor hc Aug 01/pb Aug 02]

• BY ANY OTHER NAME (collection) [Baen pb, Feb 01]

• USER FRIENDLY (collection) [Baen pb Feb 98]

• NIGHT OF POWER [Baen hc 85; Berkley pb 86; (online) 95]

• MELANCHOLY ELEPHANTS (collection) [Penguin/Tor pb 84/85], out of print

• THE BEST OF ALL POSSIBLE WORLDS (antho) [Ace pb 80] o.o.p.

• ANTINOMY (collection) [Dell pb 1980; o.o.p.

• TELEMPATH [Berkley hc/pb 76/77; Tor pb 88; Baen pb July 01]

• COPYRIGHT VIOLATION (novelette) [Pulphouse hc/pb 90] o.o.p.


• Comment (Op-Ed) column, "The Crazy Years," The Globe And Mail, 1996-99

• Technology column, "Past Imperfect, Future Tense," The Globe and Mail, throughout 99

• Comment column, "Future Tense," The Globe and Mail, since 99


• Callahan's Crosstime Saloon CD-ROM computer game, adapted by Josh Mandel, Legend 97


• Spider Robinson commercial web-site at

• VARIABLE STAR website (Tor-supported) at

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