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You just can't kill for Jesus/Allah/Jahweh/Rama/Elvis...

Spider's article in the GLOBE AND MAIL prompted such a flood of reader replies, that we had to give it a separate page. Read the full article, and then read what other people thought.

Spider; (or whomever reads this)

I find myself in agreement with much of what you wrote in your "Pass the Lord and Praise the Ammunition" column of May. 6. However, if you believe that Buddhist history is free of the kind of carnage which has tarnished other religions, you are misguided. There are countless Hindus and Muslims in Sri Linka, for example who can attest to the massacre and exile of many of their relatives and loved ones.

Nevertheless, I hope many people read your column and rethink their rigid, exclusionary views.. just a little.

--Robert Axelrod

Write On, Spider!

Both my wife (the MD) and I (recently-retired engineer) whole-heartedly endorse Spider's article appearing in today's Globe and Mail. I expect a fire-storm from the -ics and -ists of all stripes.

May the Gods Bless and keep you from all Harm;

David G. Robinson, P.Eng.
Science: Hard questions that may never be answered
Religion: Hard answers that may never be questioned

Dear Sir, i read with interest your comments regarding religion and God in today's Globe and Mail (6 May). I am confused though - do you equate the acts of religious people with the validity of the religion? As a catholic I am appalled by the acts of the Church regarding the sex scandals but how this influences the validity or rather value of my religion I am not sure. You see here is the thing - Church officials are just that - officials. They are not really catholic as they do not practice nor observe what they preach. Similiarily - take a look at Governments. We bomb other countries and for what - cause we think they are terrorists - not realizing we created them in the first place. So i guess if I take your example an move it forward - all governments are invalid (hmm Canada supports Talisman energy and the oppression it causes) - we elect the govenments, so it means we need to teach children religion is invalid and "oops" so are people. As we never really get it right either.

Your point was not lost on me as it has caused me a lot of discomfort to see my Church do it what it does. But please do not hold it to a higher standard then every day people. God never meant for priests to be consider any more accountable for their sins then non priests. We are all children of the planet and equally accountable. Furthermore, re the holocaust. The sad thing about this - yes the Vatican turned a blind eye - so did all the western world. But i guess it is easy to trash religion. Hmm i never figured you to be one who follows the crowd - perhaps you should write for the National Post or work for Le Pen in France - as you have a very limited view of the world and no understanding of philosophy and spirituality. Buddha would not be proud.

--Jim Boles

From 6 May's Globe & Mail: "I don't object to people believing silly things; I believe some silly things myself. Where I draw the line, where I suggest all civilized residents of this crowded starship must soon draw the line, is the point at which someone's God tells him to go kill those unbelievers in the next valley. That's the basic litmus test I'm proposing. A God who says He wants you so much as arguing theology with your neighbor, much less trading punches, let alone bullets, is not God at all, but: 1) a damnable hypocrisy invented to excuse villainy, or 2) the same voice all the other schizophrenics hear if they stop taking their medication." Interesting - first you say you are tolerant, and then you go on an intolerant rant against four of the world's major religions. You discard "A God who says He wants you so much as arguing theology with your neighbour...", yet you go out of your way to have your anti-religious views published in a major Canadian newspaper! Was this what you meant when you say that "...I believe some silly things myself..."?

--Randy Walton

I liked your piece on religion in today's Globe and Mail. How about creating an advertisement for a new God. Promising not to encourage your followers to kill would be one requirement. Others might include letting people eat and ware what they want and not promising good stuff or a cure for cancer. Of course no current Gods need apply!

--Alan Ogborne

I'm sorry to throw the ball right at you here, but it appears that spider has a voice but no ears. Thats too bad. Mr. Robinson I wanted you to know that I read you in this morning's Globe,....interesting. Its kind of cute how you're sweet on your wife. Don't get me wrong, that is just as it should be.

The thing of it is I couldn't figure from your write up if you were dogging religion or pushing Buddhism. Maybe a bit of both? You are an edgy pessimist but I've got one question for you...Why are you blaming a god that you claim to have no belief in??? If I gave you an apple tree that would only produce pears,would that make it a bad apple tree or simply a pear tree? (k so that's two questions...I'm just kind of going along here...) People can SAY they are worshipers of the true God but what kind of fruit are they bearing? The bible we all claim to follow sais that the fruit of God's spirit are love joy peace goodness kindness faith longsuffering mildness selfcontrol. If a religion or a person is not displaing these qualities he can call himself anything he wants... n'est pas?