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Panels and conventions from years-gone-by

Slip F-18

The Slip F-18 is Spider at the address (now demolished) of 'The Busted Flush', home of John D. MacDonald's immortal character Travis McGee: Slip F-18, Bahia Mar Marina, Fort Lauderdale FL. Photo by Jeanne.

The immortal Theodore Sturgeon cracking up at something Spider said, while Jeanne watches, on a panel at Halcon in Halifax, 19mumblemumble, a year or two before Ted died.

Spider and Frank Herbert, about 1975 or so. Dunno where. He's the one with the GOOD beard...

These two were taken by Jay K. Klein at the Nebula Awards Banquet, the night that Robert Heinlein was given the first-ever Grandmaster Nebula. Jay K caught me just moments after I had met Robert, and he had told me he liked my Callahan's Place stories. Also, I paid for my banquet ticket that night by performing a few songs before the speeches; from the configuration of my fingers, I'm pretty sure the shot was snapped while I was singing Spider John Koerner's "Sometimes I Can't Help Myself."

Photo by Carol C. Pflock.

Spider's first panel was at Disclave, forget the year. Participants l to r are Jerry Pournelle, SR, Arsen Darnay, Karl Pflock, and Jim Baen (then editor at Ace, now publisher of Baen Books). Photos by Carol C. Pflock