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Spider's first position


Positions Held

Morgue Attendant
Central General Hospital, Plainview, N.Y., 1965

assorted dives in the N.Y.-L.I. area, 1966-71

Night Watchman
guarding a sewer, Babylon, N.Y., 1971-72

Real Estate Editor
for a N.Y.C.-area newspaper, 1972-73

Resident Book Reviewer
Galaxy magazine (monthly) 1974-77
Destinies magazine (quarterly) 1977-79
Analog magazine (quarterly) 1978-80; irregularly thereafter

Chairman of the Executive Council, Writers Federation of Nova Scotia, 1981-83

Chairman of the Board of Directors, Nova Dance Theatre Association
{sponsor group for Nova Dance Theatre, Halifax}1981-84; remained a Member the Board until its dissolution in 1987

Teacher at the 22nd annual Clarion Science Fiction Writers Workshop
Michigan State University, July 16-22, 1989 (with Jeanne Robinson)

Producer of (and performer in) "Spider's Place"
a night of folk, jazz & country music by SF writers and fans at the Norwood Hotel, Winnipeg, in conjunction with CONADIAN, the 52nd World Science Fiction Convention, August 31, 1994 (with Jeanne Robinson)

Coffeehouse folksinger
December 1994--March 96, first at Bean Around The World and subsequently at Blenz, and at Raxx, Vancouver, B.C. (with Jeanne Robinson)

Op-Ed Columnist ("The Crazy Years"; "Past Imperfect, Future Tense"; and "Future Tense") in THE GLOBE AND MAIL, Canada's national newspaper, since June 1996

At various times, and for varying periods, I have also been a dishwasher, process server, typist, security guard, soda jerk, publicist, shipping clerk, painter, day labourer, cartoonist, model, and human fire alarm. Technically I am guilty of having committed both editorship and agentry--but only on weekends, and not in years. A previous compulsion toward literary criticism (see para. 5 above) was surgically corrected, but I still occasionally review books--a distinctly different sin.

According to World SF founder Frederik Pohl, I am the first Western sf writer ever to be paid for reprint of my work in the U.S.S.R. (While this is not strictly speaking a "position held," it doesn't seem to fit into this CV anywhere else.)

I am also believed to be the last...

I don't claim that I personally brought down the Evil Empire. Right after I cashed their cheque for 150 rubles, the Soviet Union went broke. You do the math...