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Books: (still in print unless otherwise noted)

VERY HARD CHOICES (novel) Baen hc/pb; in progress

VARIABLE STAR (novel) [w. Robert A. Heinlein; Tor hc/pb (Se06/Se07)

THE STARDANCE TRILOGY (omnibus of SD, SS and SM, below) [w. Jeanne Robinson; Baen hc/pb (Se06/Se07)

VERY BAD DEATHS (novel) Baen hc/pb (No04/Se06); Easton leatherbound No 04

THE CRAZY YEARS (nonfiction) BenBella tpb (De04)

CALLAHAN'S CON (novel) Tor hc/pb (Jy03/04); Easton leather Jy 03

GOD IS AN IRON AND OTHER STORIES (collection) FiveStar/Tekno tpb (My02)

BY ANY OTHER NAME (collection) Baen pb (Fe01)

THE FREE LUNCH (novel) Tor hc/pb (Au 01/02)

CALLAHAN'S KEY (novel) Bantam hardcover/paperback (Jy00/My01); Easton leatherbound Jy 00

USER FRIENDLY (collection) Baen paperback (Fe 98)

THE STAR DANCERS [w. Jeanne Robinson; Baen pb Se 97](combined- reprint of STARDANCE and STARSEED)

LIFEHOUSE (novel) Baen pb/Easton leather (Ap 97)

THE CALLAHAN CHRONICALS (omnibus of CCS, TTSC & CS, below) Tor trade pb (Ap 97)

CALLAHAN'S LEGACY (novel) Tor hc & pb (Ap 96/97)

DEATHKILLER (contains MINDKILLER and TIME PRESSURE, below) Baen trade pb (My 96)

STARMIND (novel-collab w. JEANNE ROBINSON) Acehc/pb+Easton leather (Jn 95/Fe96); Baen pb (My 01)

THE CALLAHAN TOUCH (novel) Ace hc/pb (Oc93/Ja95)

OFF THE WALL AT CALLAHAN'S (collection) Tor pb (Fe 94)

LADY SLINGS THE BOOZE (novel) Ace hc/pb No 92/93

KILL THE EDITOR (novella) Axolotl signed leather & hc Se 91[excerpt from above novel]

STARSEED (novel-collaboration w. JEANNE ROBINSON)Acehc/pb Oc 91/92; Easton leatherbound signed ed. 91 Cz

TRUE MINDS (collection) Pulphouse Press hc & pb Dec 90

COPYRIGHT VIOLATION (novelette) Pulphouse limited ed. signed leatherbound & hc 90

CALLAHAN'S LADY (novel) Ace hc March 89 & pb March 90; Baen pb Se 01 I

CALLAHAN AND COMPANY (coll)--Phantasia hc, Feb88 (omnibus of CCS, TTSC & CS, below)

TIME PRESSURE (novel)--hc Ace Oct 87; pb Aug 88, out of print (see DEATHKILLER, above)

CALLAHAN'S SECRET (collection)--pb Ace July 86; Tor Feb 02 F, G, I

NIGHT OF POWER (novel)--hc Baen May 85; pb Berkley Jan 86 I,G

MELANCHOLY ELEPHANTS (collection)--trade Penguin Canada Jy 84 (Canada only); pb TOR (US only) Jy 85 F, G, I, R; out ofprint in English

MINDKILLER (novel)--hc Holt, Rinehart & Winston No 82; pb Berkley No 83 (Fitzhenry & Whiteside in Canada); (Ace pb Mr 88) I, G (see DEATHKILLER, above)

TIME TRAVELERS STRICTLY CASH (collection)--pb Ace 81 et al; Tor pb Aug 01 F, G, I, S

THE BEST OF ALL POSSIBLE WORLDS (anthology)--pb Ace 80; oop

ANTINOMY (collection)--pb Dell 80; oop

STARDANCE (novel, collaboration w. JEANNE ROBINSON)--hc Dial Press 78, Easton Press leather 91; pb Dell 79; TOR Jy 86; Baen No 91, F, G, J, I, P, D, Pl, Cz

CALLAHAN'S CROSSTIME SALOON (collection)--hc RidleyEnslow 78; pb Ace 77 (14th printing: Ace Ja 89); F, G, I, S

TELEMPATH (novel)--hc Berkley 76; pb Berkley 77; TOR pb De 92; Baen pb Jy 01 F, G

(Translations: F--French G--German P--Portuguese J--JapaneseI--Italian S--SpanishD--Dutch Pl--Polish Cz--CzechoslovakianR--Russian)


Short stories since Feb 1973 in Analog, Omni, Destinies, NewDestinies, Galaxy, Isaac Asimov's, Oui, Fantastic, Twilight Zone, Night Cry, Vertex, Halifax, Borealis, Stardock, Cosmos, On Spec, Pulphouse, Visions, Fantastyka (Poland), Xhurnal Izobretatel y Rationalizator (USSR), Sirius (Czechoslovakia), both Terry Carr's and Gardner Dozois's BEST SF OF THE YEAR, NEBULAWINNERS 16, NEW VOICES, ANALOG ANNUAL and YEARBOOK, THE BEST OF OMNI SF, THE HUGO WINNERS, CHRYSALIS, OTHER CANADAS , TESSERACTS, TALES FROM THE PLANET EARTH, PULPHOUSE, INTEGRALNOE SKERZZO (USSR), TALES FROM THE SPACEPORT BAR, CHRISTMAS STARS, ARK OF ICE, NORTHERN STARS, NORTHERN FRIGHTS, NORTHWORDS, JANIS IAN’S STARS, etc.


"The Crazy Years,"Op-Ed column, THE GLOBE AND MAIL, July 1996-99

"Past Imperfect, Future Tense," Technology column, THE GLOBE AND MAIL, June 1999-Jan 2000

"Nocturnal Emissions" Biweekly column, Galaxy Online, Jan 2000-Jan 2001

"Future Tense," Op-Ed column, THE GLOBE AND MAIL, Jan 2000-2005

[all these columns are collected in THE CRAZY YEARS by BenBella Books]


Callahan's Crosstime Saloon (game CD-ROM), ad. by Josh Mandel, Legend Entertainment, Apr 97 (featuring original music by Spider Robinson, accompanied by Amos Garrett)

Callahan's Crosstime Saloon (role-playing game), ad. Chris McCubbin, Steve Jackson Games, 1992


BELABORING THE OBVIOUS -- the original music from Josh Mandel's game [see above], plus readings of excerpts from the novel CALLAHAN'S KEY. (released December 2000 by Magic LampRecords, available from or

VERY BAD DEATHS (audiobook), Blackstone Audiobooks, read aloud by the author; available at

(Blackstone also carries audiobook versions of THE CALLAHAN CHRONICALS, CALLAHAN’S KEY, and CALLAHAN’S CON, all read by Audie-award-winning reader Barrett Whitener.)

Online: -- the official Spider Robinson homepage, containing writings available nowhere else. (See Web Writings page.) -- e-mail address

alt.callahans -- one of the oldest USENET newsgroups, and said to be the largest non-porn group; originally inspired by the Callahan’s Place books, the site has become a kind of online Callahan’s Place, where members help each other through problems and share their joys. It has literally thousands of offshoots throughout cyberspace.