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Reviews and Feedback

Lawrence Block, acclaimed mystery writer and one of Spider's literary heroes, has this to say.

Tiger Dedicated to Invisible Spider, or,
Only Once Around The Lawrence Block.

To: Spider Robinson
Date: May 07, 2002
Re: Future Tense #34

Great column, Spider. And thanks for the book, which I haven't had a chance to read yet, but am delighted to have.

The new hardcover of TANNER'S TIGER was supposed to be dedicated to you. I guess because it's set in Canada, and so are you. The publisher lost the dedication but says he'll manage to get it in the second printing, if there is one. I thought of letting this fiasco go unmentioned, but if it does by some miracle appear in the putative second printing. . .well, you get my drift.

When/if I get it together, I'll send you a copy.