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Reviews and Feedback

Reader Feedback

Spider always loves to hear from his fans, and we've collected some of his favourite comments from over the years.

VARIABLE STAR: The new novel has been garnering rave reviews from both critics and fans. Read what the fans are saying here.

Tell Spider: a wave of reader mail prompted by Spider's Diary entry to "Tell Them While You Still Can".

David Crosby (yes, that David Crosby) makes contact after having his pants scared off by VERY BAD DEATHS.

Richard Powell is moved to tears by the events of CALLAHAN'S CON.

Lawrence Block, acclaimed mystery writer and one of Spider's literary heroes, has this to say.

Theresa Huyzers relates her experience of STARSEED.

Dan Dugery finds solace in CALLAHAN'S KEY while aiding in the 9/11 relief effort.

Lou Rose gives a nice introduction to CALLAHAN'S CROSSTIME SALOON.

Assorted letters 1, with short replies from Spider, including a Future Tense article from THE GLOBE AND MAIL.

Assorted letters 2, as the mailbag starts to overflow.