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Reviews and Feedback

David Crosby (yes, that David Crosby) makes contact after having his pants scared off by VERY BAD DEATHS.

HI Spider ......I actually just read "Very Bad Deaths " .....and it scared the living shit out of me thank you very much ......definitely one of the worst, baddest, most creatively awful villains ever, and wonderful heros and heroine as usual it in one swell foop, and laughed out loud lying here in bed several times, and was transported up there to the San Juans and Victoria and such was so good that I finally got off my ass and made the effort to communicate .....damn I love the net ......this could never have happened back in the old days ......


...I just finished re-rereading Stardancers write beautifully move me .....your imagination is boundless ....literally ..... David Crosby