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Dan Dugery finds solace in CALLAHAN'S KEY while aiding in the 9/11 relief effort.


Let me thank you for all your years of writing books, specifically the CALLAHAN'S series, I have read and re-read them and still get a great deal of enjoyment no matter haw many times I have read them, and those puns...

I just wanted to thank you for CALLAHAN'S KEY specifically, but the reason may not be what you think.

You see I'm with the Coast Guard Atlantic Strike Team based in Fort Dix NJ, no really a Coast Guard base in the middle of an army base as far from the water as you can get and still stay in 'uggg' New Jersey. We are a special team, we do oil spills, chemical spills, emergency response, that kind of stuff.

But I digress, I picked up your book one evening and planned to start reading if over lunch the next day, September 11. As you can guess I never did get a chance to start it then, or even have lunch for several days...

You see, we were one of the first teams into Manhattan on the 11th and for the next several weeks (I think) it was too..., well too much. This may sound corny but I found your book at the bottom of my bag about 8 days into it after finishing an epically trying day and sat down in the middle of all that mess (sorry, I couldn't think of a word to cover it) and started reading it (the first time of many), it became my refuge from what I saw and did each day. After a time several of my team mates started reading it, they are now confirmed Spider Robinson fans.

Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks.

Dan Dugery
U. S. Coast Guard
Atlantic Strike Team