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Belaboring the ObviousI want to give something back, in return for all the warm support and kindness I’ve received through this website. The CD of original music and spoken word I’ve been selling here, Belaboring The Obvious, featuring signature work by legendary guitar-warlock Amos Garrett, has been in black ink for some time now. I can’t lower its price: it’s already the minimum required by Indiepool, the outfit that handles distribution for me. If you want to buy yourself or someone else a nice classy gift-quality copy—with fullsized jewelbox, Greg McKinnon photographs, detailed liner notes including musician and recording credits, a disc that is not labeled by hand with a Sharpie, and the ever-popular shrink-wrap—it’s going to continue to cost you CAN$18.99 plus shipping.

But if you just want the four music tracks on it, here they are for the downloading—as either mp3 or the superior m4a format that Apple’s iTunes calls “AAC.”

AND, once a month for at least the next year, I’ll post a new free “Lost Sessions” bonus track of some sort: an outtake, acoustic demo, unreleased song or live recording, often featuring Amos. If they get downloaded enough, perhaps I’ll be motivated to put together a second CD for sale, with considerably more music than the first one had. The first of these freebies is a live solo recording made at LA’s Renaissance Hotel of a very nervous me, playing Lady Macbeth, debuting my proposed final draft of our song “On The Way To The Stars” for its co-writer David Crosby and the TV crew that had just interviewed us both about Robert A. Heinlein and VARIABLE STAR. You can just make out David’s “All right,” at the end.

The Drunkard's Song - mp3 (4.4 MB), m4a (3.5 MB)

Oblivion - mp3 (3.9 MB), m4a (3.1 MB)

Leather ZippoTM Holster - mp3 (3.1 MB), m4a (2.5 MB)

Belaboring the Obvious - mp3 (4.1 MB), m4a (3.1 MB)

On The Way To The Stars - mp3 (3.8 MB)